Course Unit Registration

Registration of units is completed via Student Portal. The Riara University Online Canvas and students’ portal are the student self-service application providing students with an array of information and direct access to their academic, and personal data. Access to Online Canvas and student portal is gained by the use of your student’s Riara email.

Important Info:

  • The Academic Calendar is the schedule of events that take place within an academic year.
  • The Academic Year begins in January of each calendar year and ends in December of the same year.
  • The academic Year consists of  three trimesters, each trimester consists of fourteen (14) weeks in total and seventeen (17) for Law School.
  • The first trimester begins in January and ends in April. The second trimester begins in May and ends in August; the third trimester begins in September and ends in December of the same year

Cyber Security Tips

●As a security precaution, students should change their portal password periodically.
●This ID and password are your key to accessing all of the personal information contained on these pages.