Continuation in a degree or diploma programme on academic grounds is on the basis of a student’s progressive performance as expressed by the Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA obtained at the end of each semester.

A student is required to successfully complete all courses for the level at which they are registered before proceeding to the next level (year of study).

The following CGPA is the minimum required at the end of each semester for a student in a degree programme to be allowed to continue in the programme. Only credit hours earned at Riara Universityare used in the calculation of Grade Point Average- GPA. Similarly only grades earned at Riara University are used in the continuation and discontinuation decision.

Minimum required CGPA for a student to be allowed to continue in the programme:

Minimum required CGPA for a student to be allowed to continue in the programme
Credit Hours Earned at RU Required minimum GPA
Credit hours earned at RU
Required minimum GPA
36 or Over

Transcripts issuance

  • Continuing students may view their grade slips from their students’ portal. The grade slips cover the results approved by the Senate. 
  • Graduates will be issued the final transcript and the certificate at a stipulated time after graduation. However, they may, on request and at a cost, be issued with a Provisional Transcript while waiting for the final transcript

Examination publishing

  • Examination results are published after ratification by the University Senate. three weeks of the subsequent Semester.
  • A release of the results is communicated to students through their official emails by the registrar.

Examination corrections

  • A student shall be allowed to appeal to the Dean of School for remarking of examination papers two weeks after release of examination results and upon payment of a non refundable remarking fee per paper, as may be determined by the Senate from time to time.
  • The Department Board of Examiners board shall deliberate on the appeal cases and make recommendations to the School Board of Examiners, which shall decide on the merit of each on behalf of the Senate.
  • Remarking shall be done by an examiner (or examiners) other than the original one.
Degree Certificate and/or Transcript replacement

Procedure for loss/damaged certificate and/or Final transcripts

  1. A cover letter stating the reason for requesting a replacement of a certificate and/or official transcript.
  2. They must provide a sworn affidavit from a notary, lawyer or commissioner of oaths certifying that the original Certificate and or Transcripts were lost. It should include the full name, National Identification number, the degree/diploma certificate and the year it was granted.
  3. If the degree/diploma certificate and/or transcript is damaged or there is a need to change the name, the original documents should be sent to the Registrar.
  4. For name changes, enclose a photocopy of your birth certificate, change of name certificate, marriage certificate, proof of divorce or other legal documents that support your name change, corrections, additions or deletions .

All requests made by a third party on behalf of a graduate must be accompanied by a signed letter of authorization.

Any replacement is subject to the prevailing charges and the replacement will wait for the next batch of certificates being ordered . The re-ordered certificate will have a notation to indicate that it is a replacement