Registration Policies

Course/Unit Registration

Students should register for units on offer on a current Semester and according to their level of study. The university timetable is posted a week before the beginning of a Semester through email.

Dropping and Adding Courses

Students are allowed to change their schedule up to the second week of each semester by filing a DROP AND ADD FORM. (see Current Academic Calendar for specific dates) and only when mitigating circumstances have developed after the initial registration

Change of Academic Programme

New students will be allowed to change their academic programmes within the first two weeks of the session by completing a CHANGE PROGRAMME OF STUDY FORM

Change of Academic Programme

A continuing student who wishes to transfer from one programme to another at any period of his/her study must complete a CHANGE PROGRAMME OF STUDY FORM.
However, he/she must successfully complete the session in which he/she is already registered. A non refundable fee shall be charged

Deferment of studies

Students who have a valid reason for deferring a semester may request a leave of absence by filling a Deferment Form. Deferment of studies is granted up to a maximum of One academic year.


Modes of Study

Students may study under full-time, part-time, Online Distance E-learning (ODEL), Blended and Modular learning. A Bachelor’s degree is expected to take a minimum of three academic years (or 8 semesters) for a Full Time Student. This may vary depending on the mode of study